I finally ditched @Apple Reminders and now all my Work & Personal stuff is in @todoist, here's why...
These things don't go good together.

December 2022

The value of food.I have been finding that foods I ate everyday are foods that are actually foods that I enjoy the least, now that I'm fasting. I'm also finding out what…
I find myself frustrated with how social networks work now. Instead of one or two places to post (with themes) there are many. Too many. So I'm calling…

November 2022

I'm still fasting, here's an update on what I'm doing now.

October 2022

A few years ago I went straight-up Macbook, no external monitors, no extra cords, just me and my laptop. Ditching the mouse has been the hardest device…
Yup, I just turned 39, almost there!
After my 3rd full-day fast, and today being a non-fasting day, I'm surprised to find I'm not rushing to eat or looking forward to that full feeling.
More changes, always more changes.

September 2022

Nothing beats winning a tournament!

July 2022

Will three months of giving up social media turn into three months of giving up eating out?

June 2022

Why I'm Starting Another Blog