Where should you follow me?

I’ve been asked by a few friends lately: Where should I follow you?

To help you navigate stuff I share on the Internet, here’s a good guide that I will try and keep updated. The bolded items are the main places I post about each subject.

WordPress &/or being a Developer

  • DEV.to/aubreypwd
    Mostly how-to’s but I hope to post more being a developer stuff here.

  • Github
    No posts, just code.

  • Twitter
    I’ve been posting here less and less though.

  • Mastodon
    I sometimes post here since Mr. Musk came along.

  • LinkedIn
    I don’t post here ever.

General Life, Family & Misc

  • Just another blog. on Substack
    This is my main blog, but I try to post anything developer-related on DEV.to.

  • Facebook
    I rarely post here. I might re-share some family stuff for friends.

  • Tumblr (rarely)
    I used to do these a lot, but haven’t been on here in a while. With Mr. Musk around, I’ve been looking into it more though.

Stoic & Philosophy stuff

  • On Philosophy on Substack
    Anything about Philosophy, Spirituality, and especially Stoicism.